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About Us

Digital EmpowHer: Guidance approach to encourage adult women’s lifelong learning, skills development and resilience to access opportunities and succeed in the labour market

Project Objectives:

This project seeks to improve the quality and relevance of the guidance sector and directly address the needs of guidance practitioners enhancing the:
Capability to empower women to develop confidence on their self-perceived competences, to embrace learning opportunities and help them reach their full potential within the labour market, especially in the new normal current circumstances, consequence of Covid19 pandemic.
Encouraging digital upskilling training to enhance access and full use of the digital resources, offered within an evolving society and modern labour market.

The target groups of our activities are:

The first target group are low skilled women from disadvantaged backgrounds in different turn-points of their career – women in precarious employment, employment seekers, economically/socially vulnerable, lone mothers, migrants and self-employed looking at sustainable independent living.

The second main target group are guidance practitioners from partner organisations, including Education and Training European Network (Germany), Career Guidance services (Ireland), Adult Education provider (Italy and Sweden), City council service and Digital education experts (Spain).
The third target of the project are public authorities and private organisations engaged in adult education, career guidance and counselling systems at local, national and European level, as well as other stakeholders, academics and policy makers.

The key results of the project include:

WP2 Blueprint for empowerment, lifelong learning and employability of women.

WP3 Training Curriculum for guidance practices focusing on women competencies (Work Design/blueprint/self-assess. tool)

WP4 Practitioners@work: User validation of guidance training to empower women in a digital working environment.

WP5 Methodological guidelines and best practice recommendations

December 2022 to November 2024
Ballymun Job Centre (Ireland)