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Training for Women Job Seekers or in Career Transition – 11-12th April 2024

We completed a great training facilitated by our partners PianoC in Milan, Italy between the 29th and the 31st May 2023 with participation of Guidance Practitioners and project coordinators from all partners, looking at the research results of the Digital EmpowHer Blueprint, to be able to analyse the target groups feedback on initial questionnaires and focus groups, in order to develop a meaningful training curriculum and self-assessment tool for low skilled women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some of the key insights from our training consider the need to co-design relevant materials using the expertise and approaches from all partners. In addition, we would like to ensure inclusive activities for those women with migrant background, and those with limited time to engage on training due to childcare duties, those in precarious employment and those women with low digital literacy.

We are looking forward to working with the guidance practitioners Community of Practice CoP engaged and ready to complete the next steps. A peer review of the Digital EmpowHer curriculum modules, learning units and activities will ensure high quality of the project results, and increasing self-awareness among our target group, encouraging hands-on exercises to further develop women competencies and digital upskilling.  

Digital EmpowHer 2nd Newsletter

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Digital EmpowHer Newsletter

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