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Project Partners

Contact Person: Tomas Bulnes

Ballymun Job Centre

BALLYMUN JOB CENTRE was stablished in response to a chronic unemployment and social exclusion problem, BJC has developed a reputation in provision of client-centred career-guidance IAG and employability skills development of those facing multiple and complex barriers to social inclusion, mobility and sustained employment.

It has extensive experience and demonstrable impact of designing and developing innovative responses to ‘market failure’, including Internet (web-based) guidance tools.


Rinova Malaga S.L. is a learning and development company which specialises in cultural, social and economic innovation. Its overall mission is to foster inclusive learning, responsible entrepreneurship and promote employability skills and civic participation, with an emphasis on the exploitation and development of learning technologies to foster social inclusion. It is active in EU programmes, as well as an intermediary organisations for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

Contact Person: Gigi Guizzo
Website :

Contact Person: Silvia Pinto

Piano C

Since 2012, Piano C has been involved in professional redesign, training and women’s empowerment. Piano C provides women with a series of tools to enhance their own professionalism, to centre their own goals, to become protagonists of their own change. We believe in the need for a cultural transformation of the world of work, which finally puts women’s talent at the centre by supporting women’s empowerment with awareness-raising actions, advocacy campaigns, counselling interventions for companies and non-profit organisations.

Municipality of Alzira / IDEA

IDEA is the local development agency of the City Council of Alzira, Spain. Established in 1995, IDEA pledges to develop Alzira’s economy by offering a wide range of services to its citizens and businesses e.g. career guidance, training, EU projects and programmes, assistance to entrepreneurs, etc. IDEA’s actions are specifically targeted to four main groups – young dropouts, women, people at risk of social inclusion, and long-term unemployed. IDEA’s extended background is coupled with a transversal and seasoned staff.

 Contact Person: Carmen Herrero Pardo

Contact person: Ali Rashidi
Email :


Folkuniversitetet (FU) is a national Education and Training association which offers a wide range of adult education and VET courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. FU-Uppsala has a long tradition of successfully introducing new teaching methods into adult education including the latestdevelopments in ICT. FU-Uppsala offers both formal and non-formal education for public authorities, enterprises and individuals. FU organises specific training programs and/or training courses for various disadvantaged target groups such as unemployed, low-skilled, immigrants, refugees, people with physical and mental disabilities, youth dropouts and NEETS.


MetropolisNet EEIG is a unique network of organisations developing and implementing local strategies for employment and social inclusion in European cities. 

The network promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange on the local, regional, and transnational dimensions of EU local development policies. The partnership is also a forum for sharing information and good practice on re-integrating disadvantaged groups in the labour market.

Contact Person: Elena Grilli